Clausten, GeorgeGeorge, DeborahJackson, StacyPetrak, GeorgeVining, Sharon
Cochrane, Melinda Gittoes, AmyJenkins, ThomasRobinson, RayWilcox, Kimberly
Comfort, Juanita Gunther, KerstenKennedy, CherynSafford, Thomas Williams, Lawrence
Crain, Rachel Hallett, RichardKreuger, RichardScism, Timothy Williams, Michael
Cullen, RobertaHamilton, ChristyLittle, JasonSprout, Shane ,Wright, James
Curley, LisaHawley, VirginiaBarbara ManningStanton, JasonWombacker, Michael-Paul
Doy, MiriamHengeveld, SherylMcNeil, WendyTallon, MichaelYouket, Lisa
Eddy, KristinHochberg, JeanetteMcVannan, KevinTallon, Ruth
Fawthrop, Rebekah Holloway, KimberlyMix, GaryTaylor, Jen
Garside, PaulHoward, MichaelMullikin, PeterTerpening, Philip
Gates, DallelHuizinga, FondaNamie, StephenTonkin, Kim

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13 years together (1976-1988)


12 years together (1977-1988)


9 years together


8 years together


7 years together


5 years together

4 years together


3 years together


2 years together

1 year together

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